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You are welcome to the Yaw Duku website, we are glad that you made it. Yaw Duku is a multi-faceted individual with a unique passion for mentoring the youth through the teaching of God’s Word.


Currently the senior pastor of Jesus Generation Ministries, Nungua, Yaw Duku serves as a minister who inspires many through visionary leadership and service to God and Man.


With over 10 years experience as a professional marketer, Yaw Duku has taken strides in the corporate world, serving as an example for many youth who want to be in lay ministry.

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Rev. Duku has been a father and teacher to me. Ever since I started receiving his counsel through God’s Word, my life has gotten better and better.


Admin Assist

Rev. Duku always tells us youth to keep serving and that service is the only way to Greatness. Since I started heeding to this teaching, I get promoted everywhere. Hallelujah!


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Everything seemed to be going down in my life regards to my business and family. Through prayer and building my faith in God’s Word at JGM, Nungua, I overcame the challenges. I am a stronger Christian now.

Mrs. Thompson

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  1. THE RIGHT WORSHIP BY PAS. EVANS SECOND SERVICE 03 03 2019 Rev Evans Yaw Duku 52:55
  2. PREACH THE GOSPEL - PT 1 Rev Evans Yaw Duku 1:22:15
  3. THE BLESSINGS OF GIVING-Rev Evans Yaw Duku 25:03