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You are welcome to the Yaw Duku website, we are glad that you made it. Yaw Duku is a multi-faceted individual with a unique passion for mentoring the youth through the teaching of God’s Word.


Currently the senior pastor of Jesus Generation Ministries, Nungua, Yaw Duku serves as a minister who inspires many through visionary leadership and service to God and Man.


With over 10 years experience as a professional marketer, Yaw Duku has taken strides in the corporate world, serving as an example for many youth who want to be in lay ministry.

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  • Rev. Duku has been a father and teacher to me. Ever since I started receiving his counsel through God’s Word, my life has gotten better and better.


    Admin Assist
  • Rev. Duku always tells us youth to keep serving and that service is the only way to Greatness. Since I started heeding to this teaching, I get promoted everywhere. Hallelujah!


    Media Assist
  • Everything seemed to be going down in my life regards to my business and family. Through prayer and building my faith in God’s Word at JGM, Nungua, I overcame the challenges. I am a stronger Christian now.

    Mrs. Thompson

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  1. THE RIGHT WORSHIP BY PAS. EVANS SECOND SERVICE 03 03 2019 Rev Evans Yaw Duku 52:55
  2. PREACH THE GOSPEL - PT 1 Rev Evans Yaw Duku 1:22:15
  3. THE BLESSINGS OF GIVING-Rev Evans Yaw Duku 25:03