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Guard your Heart

All that we are doing on earth is from the heart; life is lived inside out. Find out more

What is Diligence?

  • Diligence means to do something with all your might.
  • To guard your heart with all diligence means to preserve your heart; to make sure you do not accept just anything into your heart

The Heart of Man

When the bible talks about the heart it is talking about the spirit which controls our body.

According to the bible the heart is

  • the center not only for Spiritual activity but of all operations of the human life.
  • the home of the personal life. The life that we lead as individuals come from the heart.
  • the seat of the conscience. It is naturally wicked and hence it contaminates the whole life and character.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Pro 4:23

What is in your heart determines the life you lead.

The bible says is Matthew 12:34b that

…….for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

If you are an observant person in about 10mins into a chat with someone, you know who they are.

Most of the things that come into your heart is from the mind or comes through the mind so the mind and the heart work together. When you receive information, the mind filters it and what the mind accepts is what goes into the heart.

So all that we are doing on earth is from the heart; life is lived inside out. There is nothing a person does that was not out of thought because even drunkards can tell you that they are going to get drunk and insult someone so if you see him insulting someone, it means he thought of it before going to do that.




Be Saved Today

If you are reading this except and you have not received Jesus as your savior, kindly say this short prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus,
I am a sinner and cannot save myself.
I believe that you died for my sins and rose again.
Cleanse me with your blood and become the Lord over my life.
Thank you for your forgiveness, Amen

Welcome to the Kingdom of God. You can call the number on this website, or engage the chat line for any further counsel.

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