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One of the greatest weapons of destruction that mankind can ever suffer from is ignorance.

A lack of knowledge only leads to destruction.

Yaw Duku seeks to impact this generation with his wealth of knowledge and experience both in the Ministry as well as the Corporate world.

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New Creation

This topic seeks to help pastors to come to an understanding on what it really means to be born again. This is a subject least understood by ministers because of a misconception about salvation thinking it only means repenting and accepting Christ. But it goes beyond that.


The Christian walk is all about faith, and as pastors, we need to understand, experience and also teach the members. This is because without faith it is impossible for the Pastor and Christian to possess their possessions in Christ. It is only faith that validates the Word of God.

Christian Leadership

Every true pastor must understand what it takes to lead as Christ led. Pastors have follwers, and follwers need to be led, therefore it is important that the pastor understands how to lead.


The Church does not talk about love in this generation. Those who work for God must understand what it means to walk in love because God is love. Love is the greatest amongst all, and it is important that pastors understand this area and communicate it as well to their followers.


This goes beyond asking for things from God as most understand. It is fellowship with God. Ministers must understand the different types of prayer and the benefits that come with it.

Knowledge in Wisdom and Understanding


What set Joseph and Daniel apart was a spirit of excellence; what the world seeks from the Church. Learn more about this in Christian Leadership.

Church Management

Learn practical ways of church administration in this era.

Home Cell Management

Learn about how to institute home cells in your ministry.

Church Finance

Learn how to employ money as your servant in growing your ministry; not vice versa

Soul Winning

The heart beat of the Church; learn how to be an effective soul winner and how to raise soul winners.

Developing Potential

Learn ways to develop the potential of your lay workers and church members.

Marriage for Pastors

This is one of the most sensitive areas which is critical to success in ministry.

Course Content Under Review…

Course Content Under Review…